User Manual

Init Sequence
Welcome screen
welcome screen

After you have successfully downloaded and installed the NAVIE from the Google Play Store or App Store, the application will request the following permissions:

  • Location → It is essential to use your actual position when we are trying to navigate you on the route
  • Bluetooth → To connect to your bike and calculate your real range it is also essential to use the BLE of your smartphone
Create an account
welcome screen welcome screen welcome screen

First of all, you have to read carefully the End-User License Agreement (EULA) and accept the Terms of use, and Privacy Agreement.

Optional, if you would like to help our work to give you a better product, please also accept that your data will be collected in an anonymous way for product improvements and internal marketing and sales.

If you agree with this, you can go to the next step and create an account.

BaseMap Download
welcome screen

There are some data you have to download. Such as the BaseMap, which contains the basic data sets that are necessary for the application.

Of course, you should not have to wait until the end of this process. Feel free to tap on the “Next” button.

Offline Maps
welcome screen

Download the offline maps of your country or state and enjoy the stress-free offline navigation experience with the NAVIE.

Basic Settings
welcome screen welcome screen

You can set the default measurement system according to your needs.

  • Metric or Imperial

The app will use the following data for providing the best range calculation to you:

  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Birth date
Connect your bike
welcome screen welcome screen welcome screen welcome screen

Finally, you can connect to your bike.

Just tap on the Connect button and select your bike from the list.

If you have a bike with King-Meter display, just tap on the Continue button and the App will automatically enable all the features for you for FREE.

  • King-Meter

    After enabling the King-Meter package the ‘KingMeter’ logo will be displayed on Welcome screen at the next launch.

  • LMX Bikes

    After enabling the LMX package, the ‘LMX Bikes’ logo will be display on the Welcome screen.

Main Menu
Main Screen
welcome screen

Riding Screen

The most important data of your bike is in the header, such as the actual range and the battery state of charge at a glance.

welcome screen welcome screen welcome screen

Online Search - Powered by Google

Feel free to search for an address or a place, you will find it, and you can start navigation right away.

Just tap on the Search button and type anything that you are looking for. General info will be displayed and you can start the navigation right away. Tap on the ‘GO’ button and select one from the offered routes.

welcome screen welcome screen


The Riding icon also provides information to you whether the recording of your ride is in progress or not.

If the Automatic recording is turned Off, then you can manage the recording function manually.

welcome screen welcome screen welcome screen

Draw and Plan

Simple use your finger and draw a route on the map. The App will calculate a route based on the available rideable roads.

welcome screen

Display your range on the map or hide it

If you want, you can turn off the range display.

welcome screen

Disconnect / Connect to your bike

Just tap on the button to disconnect from your bike.

welcome screen

GPS Cursor to Center

Place the GPS cursor to the center of the screen.

welcome screen welcome screen

The Dashboard is where you can see the basic and the most important info about your bike such as:

  • Battery State of Charge
  • The Actual Speed
  • Your E-Bike's Range
  • (While you’re cycling) you can see the actual Motor Power and Human Power indications around your Speed/Range

By tapping on the E-Bike icon, you can reach the E-Bike info page, where you can check the actual motor firmware version

If you need more data, just swipe left to the Trip Tools.

Trip tools
welcome screen welcome screen

All the computers are customizable. With long-tap you can reach the list of available computers:


  • Arrival Time / Distance to Destination / Distance to Next Turn / Distance to Tour / Time to Destination / Time to Next Turn


  • Average Speed / Maximum Speed / Speed


  • Altitude / Climb left / Grade / Maximum Altitude / Total Ascent / Total Descent


  • E-Bike Battery / Assist level / E-Bike Odometer / Range / Remain Battery at Destination / Remain Range at Destination / Battery Temperature / Actual Voltage / Motor Temperature / Motor Current / Average Consumption / Consumption / Fuel Saved / Motor Power / Human Power


  • Average Cadence / Maximum Cadence / Cadence


  • Length / Total Time / Active Time / Latitude / Longitude / Sunrise / Sunset / Current Time / Calories
welcome screen welcome screen welcome screen welcome screen welcome screen

You can start a navigation by:

  • Selecting your destination with long tap on the map to see the exact destination address
  • Online Search
  • Select a recorded/imported track and navigate on it

If you know where you want to go and you have selected one route from the offered possibilities (Suggested/ECO/Shortest). Before you tap on the “GO” button and start your journey, you can check your planned route’s Surface information together the Wind info along your route and the actual Air Pollution Index.

See the actual turn instruction on the upper left corner of your riding screen. If you are on a different screen, the navigation popup will inform you about the next approaching turn.

welcome screen welcome screen welcome screen

In the Trips menu you can find your Recorded or Imported tracks.

Just select one track from the list and check the detailed info together with the ridden route.

By tapping on the GO button, you can navigate to the Track starting point and navigate on your recorded route.

Swipe left to see your imported trips or you can import a new track from your internal memory.

Search for a GPX file on your smartphone and select it. The track will be imported into the application and then you will be able to navigate on it.

welcome screen

System settings

  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian and Dutch languages are supported
  • Units: Imperial or Metric units
  • Download large files using “Wi-Fi only” or “Wi-Fi and Mobile data” or “Ask always” before you download a map file.
welcome screen


  • Keep Screen on: Always / During navigation / Off → to manage your screen running time
  • Navigation popup – On / Off slider → show or not show the upcoming turn instructions
  • Navigation Beep – On / Off slider → play a beep when a turn instruction is approaching
  • Voice Guidance – On / Off slider
  • Automatic Snapping of Tours – On / Off slider → when you import a GPX track, the app will automatically snap it to the road network
  • Rerouting for battery conservation – On / Off slider → To ensure you will reach the destination.
  • Automatic Ride tracking – On / Off slider → If you turn it on, the app will automatically start to record your route. If you turn it off, you can still manage it manually on the Riding screen.
welcome screen


Here you can manage your maps, download new countries or delete those you don’t need anymore.

If a map update is available, you will be informed here to download the new files.

welcome screen


Manage your account, change your name or password, or delete your account. You can also personalize your E-Bike, set the E-Bike type, add a unique name or modify your E-Bike’s weight.

Also, here you can manage your inactive E-Bikes and delete them from the mapped bike list.

welcome screen welcome screen


General info about the app, such as App version, Map versions and also you can read again the Terms of Use and modify the Privacy Settings.

LMX Bikes
lmx bikes

The LMX 56 bike is supported by the NAVIE APP.

Besides of the standard features of the NAVIE, together with LMX bikes you can configure and manage your bike.

lmx bikes lmx bikes


Here you can see the basic info of your bike, such as the Speed, calculated Range and Battery State of Charge information, and much more!

  • Using the arrows at the bottom of the screen, you can change the assist levels via the App.
  • You can Turn ON or Turn OFF your bike’s lamp Just tap on the Light icon and choose your preferred state.
  • Tapping on the ‘E-Bike Settings’ icon To see the details of your bike, see the next page.
lmx bikes

E-Bike Info

It gives you detailed info about your bike:

  • Unique ID

    This is your bike’s unique ID, if you have any issue with your bike based on your Unique ID we can identify the bike itself.

  • Firmware

    The Firmware version of the Bike’s Controller. Also, here you can see if a new version is available. If a new version is available, just tap on the “Firmware update” button and start the firmware update process.

    Make sure your bike is turned on and please do not turn off during the update process!

    lmx bikes lmx bikes lmx bikes lmx bikes lmx bikes
  • Battery

    Info about your battery.

lmx bikes

Motor Tuning

Inside the Settings menu, you will find a new menu, called ‘Motor Tuning’. It is available only with the LMX 56 bikes and it allows to customize your motor settings.

You can make customized settings of Eco, Mid and High modes and simply apply to the bike.

lmx bikes lmx bikes lmx bikes
  • Customize the Max Power of each mode
  • The Max Speed
  • Torque level
  • Acceleration level